Acne Treatment

Full face £65.00
Half face £45.00
Chest £55.00
Upper back £55.00

Acne is caused by the skin's pores becoming enlarged allowing bacteria to enter these pores and obstructing the sebaceous glands. The bacteria will then multiply deep in the follicle and produce inflamed (sometimes) pus-filled spots and cysts can appear on the back, chest, and face. 

If left untreated acne can leave scar tissue.

How it works

IPL combined with Radiofrequency will help to kill off bacteria on the skin restricting oil production and therefore limiting a number of acne spots.

IPL also aids in the stimulation of collagen production preventing further scar formation - leading to a smoother more even skin tone. 

Does it hurt?

A slight flicking sensation can be experienced through a cooling conductor gel is applied prior to treatment. 

It is advised that clients remove make-up prior to treatment.


It is advisable that the skin is left free from make-up following the treatment for up to 24 hours and a skin care regime adhered too in order to maximise effects.