Rosacea mainly affects the face, ranging from redness of the affected area to more severe cases when skin becomes thickened symptoms of Rosacea typically appear between the ages of 30-50.

Although there is no permanent cure - most clients notice a good reduction in skins red appearance in only 1-2 treatments.

How It Works

Blood vessels responsible for redness absorb the light energy which heats up and safely seals the veins improving the appearance of the skin. 

The light energy stimulates new collagen growth which improves the skin texture and overall appearance.

Aftercare advice

  • Temporary redness, slight swelling.
  • Cold compresses and also Aloe Vera are applied immediately following treatments.
  • The redness will subside in a few hours.
  • The area treat may initially appear darker but this will subside in two to three days leaving a clearer complexion. 


Rosacea Fact Sheet