Skin Rejuvenation

Full face and Neck £65.00
Full face, neck and décolletage £95.00 

Radio frequency (RF) is a series of electro - magnetic waves that directly and safely heat up the connective tissue in the dermis without damaging the upper layer of the skin -promoting a long-lasting, visible tightening effect.

How it works

The heat causes the existing collagen to contract and produce new collagen through a process called diathermy (heat penetration in the tissue through high frequency -electromagnetic vibrations known as Radio Frequency).

After effects of RF

The skin may be a healthy pinky/red and a cooling aloe vera masque is applied following the treatment promoting a long lasting effect. 

This slight redness will subside in 1-2 hours leaving a fresher, firmer and lasting radiance to the skin.

Does it hurt?

No not at all - once the skin has reached its optimum temperature of 41 degrees the applicator is moved in a series of movements and it is actually a very relaxing and pleasant treatment.


It is best if you can remain make-up free for a few hours though a light mineral make-up can be applied.

Your Aspen Aesthetician will advise you of the correct skin regime to maintain the treatments to achieve optimal, long lasting results.

This treatment is great as a one-off treatment for special occasions and is a favourite of red carpet celebrities prior to award events though for a more dramatic longer lasting effect a course of 6 treatments at one per fortnight is recommended - then 1-2 top up treatments per year are required to maintain the effects.


IPL Radio Frequency Fact Sheet