Stretch Mark and Scar Reduction

From £25.00

Following a complimentary consultation, we will review the size of the area/scar to be treated and confirm a cost per session.

Stretch marks are caused by a lack of collagen and elastin in the deeper layers of the skin due to weight fluctuations, hormonal changes and pregnancy.

Scarring is caused by a cut in the skin which has penetrated both the epidermal (surface) and dermal (deeper) layer it is a physical change and often results in a red, raised angry looking scar -IPL is very effective in dramatically lessening the angry appearance of the scarring whilst also smoothing out the area.

Using the latest medical grade technology this is the safest, affordable and most effective way to repair the skin's ability to regenerate natural collagen.    

How many treatments? 

This depends very much on the individual and appearance of the stretch marks. A course of treatments will be required to achieve optimism results and they are spaced at weekly intervals.

How does it work and what are the benefits? 

  • Encourages the skin to regenerate natural collagen - making the stretch marks appear visibly less noticeable, red and raised.*
  • Leaves skin smoother and more toned 
  • It's virtually pain-free. A slight flicking sensation will be felt in the area and a slight tingling sensation can be felt for a few minutes after in the area.


*Stretch marks are a physical change in the skin and though cannot be eradicated completely, this treatment will dramatically improve the look, texture and overall appearance of the skin where there are stretch marks.