Thread Veins -Telenglectasia

Nose £30.00
Cheeks £45.00
Full face £65.00
Face and Neck £80.00
Legs from £25.00 

IPL technology can dramatically reduce and eventually eradicate thread veins on the face or body.

How it Works

IPL treatment works on broken veins by triggering the safe collapse of the broken capillaries and evening out skin tone without any damage to the surrounding area.

IPL uses multiple wavelengths of light to treat dilated blood vessels which are absorbed by the haemoglobin and convert into heat - this heat causes the walls of the vein/capillary to collapse which in turn stops blood flow - when this happens the blood is safely absorbed into the body again and disappears resulting in a more even skin tone.

Does it hurt?

You can expect to feel a flicking sensation each time the area is treated but this immediately subsides.

After care advice

Skin in the treated area may be red and immediately after treatment, the veins may initially appear darker though after a few hours they should appear markedly lighter and less noticeable.

A course of treatments (3-6) may be required spaced 3 weeks apart though from the first treatment there should be a visible improvement.


Red Vein Therapy Fact Sheet