Hair Colouring Treatment Terminology Explained


The process of painting on highlights of blocks of colour strategically onto the hair directly, and without using foils.With this technique, the coloured sections will be placed artfully around the head developing the look of naturally sun-kissed strands.


Using actual aluminium sheets cut to size for highlighting ( lifting and making the hair lighter ) or low lighting (adding colour and /or tone to the hair.

Colour Correction 

Careful placement of colour mixed with additional (missing) tones will have to be added to correct the overall colour.

Bleach Shampoo 

This process can be carried out periodically to remove colour build up or a toner.


Applied after the colour, this treatment leaves the hair glossy and shiny and will add warm tones to the base colour. 

Semi-Permanent Colour

Used to add tone and depth to the hair, these products WILL NOT lift or lighten the hair as there is no peroxide added. They usually last 6-8 shampoos.

Quasi Permanent

Often misleading sold to the general public as semi-permanent colours -the only difference between these colourants and permanent colours is the strength of peroxide used and the length of developing time which is approx 20-25 mins whereas a permanent colour is 35-45 minutes. They are lovely colours but rather that grow out as would a permanent colour these colours will fade leaving a less rigid line of regrowth.

Partial Highlights

With partial highlights, colour is applied to the hairline ( parting ) and crown of the head. This method is also known as express highlights and can be all that is needed to lift and refresh in-between full highlight treatments.


Why choose a salon colour to home colouring? 

The salon quality product helps to protect hair against breakage during the colouring process, achieving a rich, polished shade and takes all the hassle out of trying to reach all root areas in order to achieve a flawless natural result.

The result - a shinier, stronger and smoother result with an extra long - lasting shine. 

So, whether you want to have a whole new look or just take care of those ever advancing greys at Aspen Hair and Beauty we can build a bespoke colouring treatment especially for you meeting your expectations and requirements.