A step by step guide to a salon finish blo-dry

Our hair is the Crown we never take off and one of the most valuable accessories.

Makeup is great, but if your hair is not right, even if you have the best makeup application - without your hair being right, you just won't feel as good as you could.

We all want what we don't have - people with naturally curly hair want straight and vice versa. It's about making the best of what you have -here is a step by step approach to achieving salon finish hair.

Hair Preparation

  1. Massage the scalp in the shower for 5 mins -this really pays dividends as it will stimulate the scalp to produce more sebum ( the hair and skins natural moisturiser )
  2. Towel dry -squeezing the hair through the towel to remove the excess moisture ( do not rub) as this will cause breakage, knotting and tangles)
  3. Never use a brush to initially take the tangles out of the hair after shampooing - ALWAYS use a wide-toothed comb to remove tangles - ( a brush may put undue pressure on the wet hair and cause breakage )
  4. After towel drying the hair -blast the hair up to 75% dry with a hairdryer on medium heat BEFORE applying product .-you will use less product this way and it will be more effective -saving you not only time but money too !!!
  5. Section your hair into four even sections -two at the front -two at the back, this may seem time-consuming but will actually save you time !!and give a much better, professional result.
  6. Choose whichever brush for the effect that you wish to achieve

Types of Brushes

Paddle - (flat) brush for medium to long hair for a straight smooth effect.
Round brush - the smaller the barrel the more curl you will achieve.
Small barrels - short hair, curl effect
Medium barrels - mid-length hair -soft curl/bend
Large barrels - long hair - slight bend but mainly smooth finish with volume 


Take the hair in 1” sections and work from nape to crown. Then, temple either side to crown till all of the hair is dry. Work in the direction that you want the finished result to be. 

When the drying process is complete if necessary use tongs or straighteners depending on the effect you wish to achieve. Again, do this in sections so that they work effectively. Too large a section and the heat will not penetrate leaving an unsatisfactory result and meaning you have to go over the section again - unnecessarily overheating the hair which could lead to damage.

Voila! Salon finish hair styling.