Wedding Day Makeup Tips


Use light layers of mascara and ideally make it waterproof - if you know you cant hold back the tears on this emotionally charged day then go for an invisible gel either to coat your lashes or to act as a top coat to your coloured mascara -this will make your lashes resistant to tears and also can act as an eyebrow gel to keep any strays in place .


Primers will smooth, flatter and conceal whilst often reducing the appearance of enlarged pores, helping to provide a smooth surface and evening out skin tone providing a smooth base for your foundation to adhere too and ensuring long-lasting results.

Primers are available in creme, gel and powder form. They will also save you money by using a primer means you will need to use less foundation.

Apply your primer using your fingertips - this will also help to get the blood flowing underneath the surface of the skin and help to promote a healthy glow.

Concealer (for blemishes) 

To conceal blemishes use your fingertips to apply the concealer onto clean, moisturised skin -gently dotting the concealer onto the area you wish to target.

When concealing a blemish which may be raised, use a cotton bud and apply the concealer in an “X” direction. This will lightly and effectively coat the blemish without the risk of unsightly build up.

Gently press the concealer over the blemish with your fingertip using a rocking motion.

Allow the concealer few moments to “set”  and blot the face with a tissue to remove any excess oil before applying foundation.

When the skin's surface is uneven or blotchy -DO NOT use a foundation brush but rather opt for a stipple brush which will give good coverage and an airbrushed finish.

Apply foundation in a round stippling motion -doing this will ensure that you will get even coverage without removing the concealer.

Concealer (for dark circles)

Using a concealer with a yellow/orange undertone will neutralise the purple hue visibly present and commonly termed dark circles.

Gently dot a warm-toned concealer over where the dark circles present themselves and with a soft concealer bash start to blend.

if eyeballs are prevalent at this stage, using a very light concealer you can draw a line at the eyeball crease and using your ring finger ( this finger presents the least pressure ) gently blend this in too.

Finally using a makeup sponge and a light reflecting concealer cover the whole area -allow to set and apply foundation.


There are three types of foundation coverage: 

Sheer - a light veil of coverage
Medium - to cover redness or a few blemishes
Full - a full opaque coverage

When applying foundation, start from the centre of your face and work outwards. This will prevent harsh lies and a build-up of colour which would be visible on the parameter of your face.

Very gently blend from the face to the neck with a light coverage so as not to get a demarkation mark.


Powder will help to “fix” the foundation in place and therefore help the effects last longer.-Apply with a large brush in an upward and then downward light circular movement.


Used on the “apple” of the cheeks - suck the cheeks in and apply with several very light brush strokes in circular movements - building up the colour rather than applying in one “harsh” stroke.


Used above blusher to reflect light and highlight -bringing into focus the cheekbones. 


To add depth and shade to the overall look and enhance facial structure - enhancing natural shadows and slimming down the face.

Fixing Mist

This will hold your make up in place all day having the added bonus of restoring radiance and smoothing away fine lines -you can also keep a mini version in your bag to use through the day to keep refresh and revive your make up and add a duet hue.

Blotting Sheets

If you are lucky enough for beautiful sunshine weather on the big day, don't forget to add a little sachet of makeup blotting papers.

These can be applied over the top of already applied makeup and will remove any shine caused by the heat in the sun and 'melting' makeup.

Makeup Mistakes

Don’t try to remove any makeup mistakes with tissue but rather use a cotton bud dipped in a little cleanser and just target the mishap area. This will mean fewer repairs to the rest of your make up .