Looking forward to the Summer

Personally, summer is my favourite time of the year, hearing the birds sing and observing the beautiful countryside all around us - its time to cast off the layers of cover-up clothing and look after skin and hair.

At Aspen Hair and Beauty were always on hand to help you to achieve the best version of you possible and are always happy to give advice on Haircare and Beauty treatments.

This post is going to focus on skin Acne achieving maximum radiance.

Allegedly our skincare industry is set to be worth £1.23 Billion by 2020!

85% of teenagers at some point will suffer from acne of a varying degree but according to doctors and dermatologists mature acne is on the rise - largely due it would seem to work-related stress, poor diets and air conditioning.

So…whats the best course of action?

A cleanse, Tone and Moisturise Regime

Adopt a CTM (Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise) regime morning and night.

What's the function of each of these products? 

Cleansers - Remove dirt, excess oil, makeup and other debris such as bacteria pollutants and old skin cells.

Toners - A good toner will remove any residue of oil, dirt or debris left behind by the cleanser hydrating and soothing the skin whilst closing the pores.

Moisturisers - following cleanse and tone, a moisturiser is applied to hydrate the skin and prevent any further moisture being lost. It will also act as a good base -evening out skin texture before applying makeup ensuring that your make up lasts longer.

Holidays and festivals, this is the time that we are most likely to go for a fresh, natural look  and lighten up on our make up regimes and go for a softer, more natural look and (with the protection of a spa of course) hopefully soak up some of those lovely warm summer or holiday rays and of course benefit from some vitamin D too.

However, advance with care and you will look radiant, healthy and glowing using a high SPF face cream which will both protect your skin from sun damage and premature ageing.

Choose a soap-free cleanser and use morning and night to remove makeup, excess  skins oils and general skin day to day debris - these cleansers are non-irritating and non-comedogenic (don't block pores).